Edward is always a fabulous help with any of my IT issues. The recent service from him was very challenging as our New House needed the internet, phone, and TV setup in 7 rooms including the outdoors to the garage and swimming pool areas.  He setup my Wi-Fi to run smooth throughout the whole large property.

He made all my Apple devices speak happily to each other. Edward even spoke to Technical Support for my phone issues that I had with the Phone company about my land line that was not working properly – and got  them to take action.

I like the way Edward explains what he’s doing and why he needs to. And it is in simple English. He is professional, thorough, and a very talented person and an absolute treasure to know and have him on our team. He has always been reliable, punctual, and ethical. He knows what he is doing. And very often I leave him alone in the house to finish up and leave. Highest recommendation.