IT For Business

Business Services Melbourne

We all know that most Businesses rely on Computers. Downtime is not an option but a Liability. Having a Reliable IT Company & Techie team is not only an Asset but a must. Our 25 years experience gives us the edge you may be looking for. Quick Diagnosis and Reliable Repairs, Smart Solutions and/or ideas, Permanent Solutions or Fixes not just a band aid solution.

All Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Mac and PC

  • Office 365 Business
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Virus/Malware Scan /Removal / Prevention
  • Email related issues
  • Microsoft Exchange POP or IMAP
  • Internet or Network Security
  • New Computer & New Wi-Fi Printer Setup
  • Wi-Fi Dead Spots or Low Signals (common after NBN connection)
  • Email Related issues
  • Apple Device Syncing or New Device Setup
  • Backup Solutions for Mac or PC
  • Synology or QNAP External Storage for Mac or PC
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) Setup
  • Wireless & Wired Networks
  • Mac or PC Virus, Malware & Ransomware Protection
  • Mac or PC Upgrades & Support
  • Microsoft Office for Mac or PC (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & OneNote)
  • Cloud Storage and Backup
  • Printing & Scanning Solution
  • High Performance Storage