Adore Your Apple Mac but the Love’s Wearing thin?

Apple Macs aren’t just premium computers; they’re works of art adored by their owners. But the love wears thin when problems arise.

Macs function quite differently to a traditional PC so, when something goes wrong, you want the professionals most experienced in diagnosing Apple Mac issues.  At MG Electronics, we have years of experience with Apple products, including iMacs, MacBook Pros and everything in between.

We know that you have a bond with your Apple Mac, so we want you to rest assured that we’ll treat it as if it were our own.

Get your Apple Mac looked at quickly onsite

These days, no one can afford to be without their Apple Mac for long. Whether it’s work or recreation, computers have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. No one understands this better than us.

That’s why we offer onsite consultations from Eltham to Croydon, Mitcham to Glen Iris and most suburbs in between.

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    Let’s take a look at Apple Mac problems we come across frequently:

    Common Apple Mac issues

    Apple Macs are as unique on the inside as they are on the outside. You may think that all computers function in the same way, but there are key differences with Apple Macs that make them unique. When it comes to figuring out just what exactly is going on with your Apple Mac, you need an experienced professional with intimate knowledge of their inner workings.


    Slow to start up and slow to use


    Programs take a long time to load


    The dreaded spinning rainbow wheel (that just won’t stop!)


    Won’t shut down properly


    Freezing or crashing without warning


    Unexpected WiFi dropouts


    Apple Mac won’t charge


    Odd sounds


    Hard drive space/storage errors


    Display problems or distortions


    Blue or blank screen on start up


    Latest software won’t install


    CD/DVD stuck in drive


    Forgotten passwords


    Boot Camp problems


    Cracked or damaged screen


    Data Recovery problems


    Apple product not communicating with PCs or printers over a network

    These are just some of the Apple Mac issues Apple users experience. If your particular problem isn’t listed above, don’t worry; there’s no computer issue that we’re not familiar with.

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    What causes Apple Mac problems?

    It’s frustrating when your Apple Mac doesn’t work when you want to. You might be able to determine the cause of the problem but, oftentimes, you’ll need the help of a professional familiar with Apple products. Here are some common issues that lead to Apple Mac problems:

    • Outdated or incompatible software
    • Software glitches
    • Incorrect software settings
    • Faulty time machine backups
    • The age of your Apple product
    • Malware or virus infections (yes, Apple products are susceptible!)
    • Hardware issues
    • Battery issues with MacBooks

    Why do I need to have my Apple Mac looked at by a professional?

    As you know, Apple Macs are their own breed, unique in the world of computers. In fact, that’s probably why you bought one in the first place. So even if you’re familiar with PCs and feel quite comfortable tinkering around with them, that knowledge won’t necessarily translate to an Apple product.

    One of the problems we come across with Apple Macs is that the owner has tried to solve a problem and compounded the issue or creating another one. These machines are premium products and they come with a price tag to reflect that.

    We strongly advise that you seek an expert to diagnose the issue. At MG Electronics, we’ve have been trained to diagnose issues with Apple products. You can trust us to do it right the first time and minimise the damage to your hip pocket and time.

    What can I do to prevent Apple Mac problems before they arise?

    Like doctors, we believe in preventative medicine. There are some things you can do proactively to keep your Apple Mac running in optimum condition and maximise its longevity.

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    Hard Drive

    Upgrade your Apple Mac to an SSD hard drive.


    Upgrade the memory (RAM).


    Ensure you have the latest software upgrades.


    Set up automated Time Machine backups.


    Replace the battery before it gets too old.

    What Apple products can we work with?

    It would be quicker to list the Apple products we don’t work with. We have extensive knowledge and experience with the full gamut, including:

    Powerbook G4
    Power Mac G5
    Apple II
    Apple III
    Mac Mini
    MacBook Pro
    MacBook Air
    iPad Pro
    Apple TV

    Connecting your Apple to a network


    It’s a common gripe among Apple users that their machines don’t play well with others. While it can seem tricky to get an Apple Mac talking with PCs and printers, it’s actually straightforward if you know what you’re doing.

    If you have a network at the home or office that includes printers, PCs and Apple machines, we can make sure it’s set up correctly and running smoothly.

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